Why Engraving/Sandcarving?

Etching glass is not only sought after for its good

 looks, it is also sought after for its durability and quality. The sand carving method removes material from the glass making a permanent marking. Engraving produces elegant pieces that will stand the test of time!

What is Sand Carving?

Sand Carving is the use of media (sand) along with high pressure to carve/etch. An individual mask is placed over the desired glassware and then engraved with a laser engraver. Each Glassware is then placed in a sandblasting cabinet and is “blasted” by a high pressure stream of air and abrasive material. The mask protects the rest of the glass while the abrasive sand etches away at the exposed glass. This is what allows for the deep, elegant mark on the glassware.

Is Engraving better than Screen Printing and Inked Glassware?

We like to think so but it depends on what effect you are going for. Ink based applications can have multiple colors and sometimes that is important. But, Inks can fade over time (washing, handling, UV light) whereas engraving will stand the test of time. The frosted look is also very desirable!

How much detail can my logo have?

The short answer is a lot! The designs are created on the computer and applied via a laser engraver. The laser can produce incredible detail when it cuts through a mask. Anything that can be set up in black and white on a computer can then be lasered onto your item.

Do you do anything other than glassware?

Yes! We also specialize in wood and woodworking. Check out our Etsy site for our engraved frames and cutting boards among other things.

Turn around time?

We strive to get every order out in one to two weeks. That being said we do not keep 300 of everything in stock. Sometimes we have to order in glassware and that can take a few days to get to us. But we get everything out as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.